Te Whāriki

te-whariki_sm.jpgTe Whariki, Aotearoa is the New Zealand Ministry of Education’ early childhood curriculum document for a single national 'curriculum' for New Zealand's diverse early childhood services. All licensed early childhood centres in New Zealand use this document as the basis for their programmes.

The literal meaning of Te Whariki is ‘the woven mat’. Early childhood services, such as our own Saint Kentigern Preschool, use the curriculum’s principles and strands to weave a learning programme for the children in our care.

A child’s strengths and interests; everything they learn as part of their family; and the learning opportunities provided at Preschool are woven together to contribute to each child’s early learning experience.

Te Whāriki is based on the aspirations that children grow up:

Te Whāriki provides a foundation for children to become confident and competent lifelong learners; a sentiment that is also reflected in the ‘Learner’s Profile’ at both the Schools and the College - a list of desired attributes that encourages students to become lifelong, independent learners.

To learn more about Te Whariki, visit the Ministry of Education website.