Our Community

Our community (1).JPGSaint Kentigern Preschool is part of a wider community that includes the students, staff, parents and extended family members of the Boys’ and Girls’ School and the College along with past students, under the auspices of the Old Collegians’ Association, and members of the Saint Kentigern Trust Board. As One Organisation, they all share a common Vision, Mission and Goal, along with a shared set of Values.

We operate an open door policy, where parents and family are welcomed into the Preschool at any time. Parent participation sends strong, positive messages to the children that they are supported in their learning and that parents are also part of the Preschool environment. This encourages a three way relationship between parents, the staff and the children. Good communication is a vital ingredient to the success of this partnership.

The Preschool has a parent representative on the Parents and Friends Association at both the Boys’ School and the Girls’ School.

Social events are an important part of the centre with special occasions for families, staff and children to enjoy throughout the year. During the course of the year, there are also many special occasions at each of the campuses to which all members of the Saint Kentigern community are welcome. These provide good opportunities to meet other parents and learn more about each Saint Kentigern campus.