AHR15.jpgOver the years, philanthropy has become an essential part of the role of the Old Collegians Association. For those of us who have enjoyed a Saint Kentigern education, we have come to appreciate and value the benefit of an independent school. We are proud of to be a part of this special community and have a vision that Saint Kentigern should remain at the forefront of education in New Zealand, excelling in all our endeavours from Preschool through to graduation from College.

Philanthropy stems from having belief in the values of Saint Kentigern, appreciating the sense of community that an organisation such as ours fosters and understanding that through giving, we can help to secure a strong future.

The students who currently enjoy the magnificent facilities across three campuses may not be old enough to yet understand or appreciate the generosity of preceding generations in providing for their schools, but as our senior students approach graduation, they gradually come to understand the privilege they have enjoyed through being a Son or Daughter of Kentigern and the place that philanthropy has played in providing for their education.

Large organisations such as Saint Kentigern thrive when all its affiliated groups work together towards a common goal. Over the years, the Old Collegians Association has worked towards ensuring its funds are put to good use for the betterment of both the students and the facilities through scholarships and capital grants. Many students have received financial support through the generosity of our Association and the development of the campuses have benefitted from substantial grants. It is our aim that this should be further developed to ensure that future generations of youngsters come to appreciate the advantage of a Saint Kentigern education.

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