Hamilton Wins Boys’ School House Music!

September 25, 2017 at 11:46 AM

It’s been two years since the boys last competed for the House Music Cup and it was worth the wait - what a fantastic, rebel-rousing afternoon of song from our House choirs and bands! 

In recognition of the boys’ passion for music in all its forms, the Houses once again took on the challenge to create extra-large choirs to sing in unison; not an easy task when four excitable groups of over 130 boys from Years 0 – 8 take to the stage to sing as one! The volume was definitely there, even if tunefulness didn’t exactly follow suit! 

Under the watchful scrutiny of guest judge, Mr Lachlan Craig, Choral Director at the College, each House had two opportunities to impress. The theme this year was ‘music from the movies’ with each House selecting songs of their own choosing. Boys being boys, their choices were all irrepressibly upbeat from Wishart’s rendition of ‘Happy’  from Despicable Me, to Cargill’s ‘The best years of our lives’ from Shrek, Chalmers ‘I can’t stop the feeling’ from the Troll movie and perennial favourite, ‘Grease Lightning’ from Hamilton. Spirits were high and the songs were delivered with all the gusto and youthful exuberance that young boys can muster! 

This year, in addition, each House was offered a second opportunity to come back on stage for another chance to score points. Chalmers pulled out ‘I’m a believer,’ an old favourite from The Monkeys,’ Hamilton took off the ‘Blues Brothers’ to a tee, Wishart took on the spooky, ‘Heathens’ from Pilot 21 and Cargill set the room rocking with Rocky’s ‘Eye of the Tiger, complete with a bout of boxing! 

Judging was no mean feat as Mr Craig applied the criteria based around articulation, presentation and the involvement of the all the boys. Musicianship and overall performance were the final factors separating the groups as Mr Craig looked for dynamics, rhythm, pitch, actions, and even their self-presentation as they moved on and off stage. And, most importantly, the sheer degree of enjoyment they brought to the performance to share with their audience!  Hamilton took the top choir spot, Cargill took top honours for the bands but overall, Hamilton was back on top and will be awarded the House Music Cup….when, um, it’s been located! 

In concluding, Principal, Mr Peter Cassie said it was a hugely enjoyable afternoon, his greatest pleasure coming from watching the boys of all age groups coming together to work as teams with a common cause. 

We thank Mr Craig for spending time with our boys and the many parents who came along in support. Well done Hamilton!


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