Philline Montalban

Hello everyone,

Montalban, Philline.jpgMy name is Philline and I am a Year 12 International student and boarder at Saint Kentigern College. About eighteen months ago, I stepped into the gates of Bruce House. I was one of the first sixteen girl boarders at Bruce House and no words could explain how nervous I was. Sent all the way from the Philippines, I was surprised to see sunlight past six in the evening, I could not understand half of the things people were saying because I’ve never heard of such thick accents, but was given a hard time for my American accent and how I wore my backpack, only to learn that they wear it traditionally, squared on the back. Being away from the comforts of my home and family was something I have never done before, it was rather scary. But with the help of the lovely staff, supportive duty masters and friendly boarders, my first day down at the College wasn’t at all bad.

Coming from an American school in the Philippines, I had to make huge adjustments culturally and academically. The College offers a whole range of subject choices from both the NCEA and IB Diploma side. This year, I had the opportunity to choose which programme to take and happily decided to take NCEA. I am currently doing NCEA Level 2 studying Economics, English, Mathematics, Classical Studies, Photography and Spanish. The Saint Kentigern teachers are superb, teaching at the highest level and are always ready to lend a helping hand. I could not have survived my first few months without my tutor teacher Mr Robinson and my international counsellor, Mrs Kirkman; a big thank you to you both.

Not only does the College have an outstanding academic side, it also has excellent sporting opportunities, offering a wide range from pétanque to its number one sport, rugby. I have never seen such a vast list of sports offered in one school. I am privileged to have been selected to play for the College’s First XI Girls Football team for the second time around and I could not be more proud to wear the blue and white of Saint Kentigern.

Bruce House became my second home, boarders became my brothers and sisters and duty masters, staff and the lovely matron became my parents. Although I am far away from home, I do not feel at all homesick. Thank you all for the support.

I am so privileged to be attending this college and I would like to extend my gratitude to my parents for choosing this exceptional school. Saint Kentigern College has and always will be a remarkable part of my life.