Cordelia Oh

My Life at Saint Kentigern College

Oh, Cordelia.jpgHi everyone. I am a Year 11 international student at Saint Kentigern College. I don’t exactly know where I’m meant to begin my story because Saint Kentigern College has truly been one of the best times of my life and it would take me too long to explain every bit of it. I guess I’ll start by introducing myself. I’m Cordelia and I’m from South Korea. I came to New Zealand exactly 7 years ago for educational purposes. Living in New Zealand has been a completely new experience for me and I can still remember my first day at primary school, scared by a group of New Zealanders with actual blonde hair and blue eyes!

Even though the first few months of settling down seemed tough, I have been absolutely enjoying my school life ever since then. I moved into Saint Kentigern College last year, in 2011, as a year 10 student. I moved from my old school mainly in order to get enrolled in the IB Diploma programme, starting from Year 12. I am currently doing NCEA Level 1, studying a range of different subjects, including English, Mathematics, Science with Chemistry, Biology, Economics and Spanish.

The teachers at Saint Kentigern College are truly the most honourable teachers you could ever find. I would like to say a big thank you to my tutor Ms Coulter, who has been an amazing tutor, always checking up on me and seeing if everything is going alright and making my tutor group feel like home. Also, I would like to thank Mrs Kirkman, my international counselor and my biology teacher. Without her, I would not have been able to get through all the difficult part of settling down at a new school.

Saint Kentigern College provides a range of opportunities for all boys and girls, whether it’s about sports, academic careers, the arts or the cultural parts. As well as going through a successful academic career, I have been trying to get involved in various areas around the school, including sports such as tennis, debating, music (Concert Band, Woodwind Ensemble) and the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. I would never have been able to imagine participating in all these activities in other schools.

Saint Kentigern College has been an utterly amazing part of my life; one I will never forget.