Many of our international students are proud to have spent time at Saint Kentigern and willingly share their experiences both in English and their own language. 

Alex Waimora from the Solomon Islands










Cordelia from South Korea

Oh, Cordelia.jpg저는 현재 Saint Kentigern College year 11에 다니고 있는 유학생입니다. Saint Kentigern College 는 저에게 있어서 가장 행복한 순간 중에 하나라서 어디서부터 이야기를 시작해야 할지 잘 모르겠습니다. 우선 제 소개부터 하자면...read more in Korean.

Hi everyone. I am a Year 11 international student at Saint Kentigern College. I don’t exactly know where I’m meant to begin my story because Saint Kentigern College has truly been one of the best times of my life...read more in English.

Sienna from Australia

Spence, Sienna.jpgI have been at Saint Kentigern College for two years now and love it! When I joined the College at the start of Year 9, I was one of the first girl boarders and the youngest! It was great living in the girls’ boarding house...read more.



Bogdan from Russia

Kurbetyev, Bogdan.jpgКогда я впервые оказался в Saint Kentigern College, я был приятно удивлен. Мой английский не позволял мне выразить наипростейшие мысли или желания. Именно из-за этого поначалу было немного одиноко и трудно...read more in Russian.

When I first came to Saint Kentigern it was a very overwhelming experience to begin with. I could barely speak a word of English and so I thought I would be lonely at the beginning, however, I was boarding at Bruce House...read more in English.

Philline from the Philipines

Montalban, Philline.jpgKumusta sa tanan, Ako si Philline ug naa ko sa grado 12, usa ko ka estudiante nga international unya ga puyo sa eskuelahan, ang pangan kay Saint Kentigern College. Mahitungud ug desi-otso ka bulan...read more in Filipino.

Hello everyone, my name is Philline and I am a Year 12 International student and boarder at Saint Kentigern College. About eighteen months ago, I stepped into the gates of Bruce House. I was one of the first sixteen girl boarders...read more in English.

Lorenz from Germany 

Bartsch, Lorenz.jpgMein Name ist Lorenz und ich bin in meinem letzten Schuljahr am Saint Kentigern College.  Ich bin vor zweieinhalb Jahren zu dieser Schule gekommen, um sowohl mein Englisch zu verbessern, als auch mein IB Diplom zu erlangen...read more in German.

My name is Lorenz and it is my final year at Saint Kentigern. I came to the College two and a half years ago, intending to improve my English, as well as enrolling into the IB Diploma programme which is offered at Saint Kentigern...read more in English.