A Saint Kentigern Education

At Saint Kentigern College, international students can expect the very best education, taught by dedicated teachers who embrace our Christian values and family atmosphere. Students become part of a busy, vibrant, close-knit community and are offered a ‘world of opportunity’ in academic, cultural, sporting and service activities. We have very high expectations for all of our students to become involved in all facets of school life.

We recognise that international students have many different reasons for choosing to study away from home but a key factor is the search for a world-class education that will prepare students for successful tertiary study or work in an English-speaking country.

The College offers a broad range of subjects for students at all levels. From Languages to Sciences, Applied Mathematics, Media Studies, Technology and Classics to Physical Education, Music and Dance - our students are not short of choices as they enter their senior school years. Our world class facilities are very well equipped and allow for extensive practical involvement. With the benefit of a personal computer laptop programme, our students are introduced to subject learning styles in a multitude of ways.

In recognition that boys and girls learn differently in their early teens, and often achieve better outcomes in single-gender classrooms, Saint Kentigern College operates a very successful parallel education learning model. In the Middle School, from Years 7-10, boys and girls are taught separately, allowing our younger students to learn in an environment best suited to their different development needs during those crucial, early teenage years.

In the Senior School, Years 11-13, our young men and women work together in a co-educational setting, developing teamwork and collaborative skills that prepare them for tertiary education and life beyond our College gates. During Year 11, all students complete their NCEA Level 1 qualifications. At Year 12, our senior students are offered a choice of qualifications and may elect to continue with NCEA qualifications or pursue the two year International Baccalaureate Diploma course.

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Saint Kentigern is proud to be placed, year after year, amongst the top performing academic schools in New Zealand and our students are well prepared to command advantageous places at top universities. Many of our students are honoured with significant scholarships from leading universities both in New Zealand and overseas.

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There is also provision in our Elite Sports Programme for international students to receive advanced, professional coaching in Tennis or Golf in a personally tailored programme. The programme is designed to identify those sports people who are talented enough and who genuinely have a desire and work ethic to pursue a career, or at least the dream, of reaching the top in their sport not just in New Zealand but in the World.

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At Saint Kentigern, an international student can expect the very best education whilst enjoying the best that New Zealand has to offer. We expect students to work hard in everything they undertake, but the rewards are well worth it. We encourage you to take the first step and enquire about a Saint Kentigern education.