With a good grounding in their Junior years, our girls make the transition to the Middle School at Year 4, well settled into school routines and ready for more new learning challenges and opportunities. 

At this age, they are beginning to take on extra co-curricular activities and to develop a real confidence in their abilities.

Our programmes continue to encourage the distinctive learning style of girls, and English, spelling, written language, reading, writing, mathematics, social science and science are all taught by the homeroom teachers in Years 4-6.

In English and mathematics, the classes are ability grouped by the teacher to allow differentiation for individual needs.



Music, French, Christian education, speech and drama, and physical education are taught by specialist teachers at all Middle School levels with staught by a specialist teacher from Year 5 onwards.

Extension programmes are available for selected girls at each year level and a mentoring programme encourages the more able students to undertake an indepth study with guidance from a mentor.

Students who may need a little extra help are also catered for with a personalised programme.

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