The Girls' School recognises that our student population is a diverse group and that some students may require personalised provision to meet their specific needs.

There is a well-established system of support for all learners whether they require individual tutoring for specific learning needs or extension through our Learning Support programme. Girls are identified for these programmes through teacher and parent input and the cyclic nature of the programmes ensures that access is kept as broad as possible.


Learning Support

Saint Kentigern Girls’ School actively targets the specific educational needs of individual students and our teachers continually assess the performance of all children and design their teaching programmes accordingly.

When students require more specialised teaching programmes for their particular learning needs, they are referred to our learning support staff and an appropriate, monitored plan of action is determined. Assistance varies according to need and help may be prescribed by an Individual Education Plan (IEP) or referral to an outside agency. Parents are kept fully informed about progress through regular meetings.

All girls are involved in the creative writing programme which gives them an opportunity to write creatively and share.

Those students who demonstrate an expertise and interest in writing are then selected for workshops which are held once a term and are cross grouped.

The mentoring programme is an independent programme which encourages students to strengthen their goal setting strategies and to use literacy and thinking tools within their independent research. These children often assimilate information in their field of interest and form new concepts that lead to higher levels of understanding in areas of personal interest.


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