Choir camp early each year sets the groundwork for our Premier auditioned choir, Kentoris, to expand their repertoire. Vocal coaching and the exploration of new works prepare them for their first performance early in the year at the Saint Kentigern College Open Day.

Alongside our auditioned choir, there are three other main choirs for students with a love of singing. Menasing our powerful, award winning Year 9 - 13 Boys' choir and Musettes our stunning Year 9 - 13 Girls' choir bring students of all ages together for both performance and competition. The Year 7 and 8 Choir caters for our younger choristers.

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The itinerant music programme at the College provides tuition for students who wish to hone their choral skills and during the course of the year there are many opportunities for our vocalists to perform either solo, as part of a small group or full choir at a number of performance evenings. These performance opportunities range from small evening gatherings to encourage confidence in our learners to significant concerts for large audiences. Our choirs are also entered in the Auckland Regional section of the New Zealand Choral Federation's BIG SING competition held in the Auckland Town Hall each year where our performances are regularly commended at a high level.

Choral_1.jpgEach year, the College produces two significant musicals, one for the Middle School and a major Senior School production. Our top vocalists make a commanding presence in their leading solo roles for these productions.

There is a further choral event on the annual calendar that is enjoyed by an even larger number of vocalists. Our annual, sell-out House Music Evening at the Town Hall brings four large House Choirs with up to 120 students a choir along with a choir from Bruce House, our boarding facility, to the stage, all vying for the coveted House Music Cup. This evening is a huge amount of fun that gives a large number of students the chance to discover the love of singing and the thrill of performing in a professional venue.