Dance Showcase

Dance Showcase (8)_1.JPGAs the Auckland Stage Challenge and JRock performance nights sometimes fall into the July school holidays for Saint Kentigern, when many of our senior students are on overseas tours, we provide our students with a similar production experience at College. The result has been very moving, thought-provoking evenings of Dance in Elliot Hall.

For those students who undertake Dance as an examinable course of study, there are a number of objectives to be achieved for assessment purposes . Achievement objectives at NCEA Level 2 (Year 12) and NCEA Level 3 (Year 13) each have a choreographic element. At Year 12, there is a requirement to ‘choreograph a group Dance to communicate an intention.’ At Year 13, the requirement is to ‘produce a Dance for a performance.’ There is also a requirement to ‘perform a significant role in a group Dance to an audience.’

Our dance students meet these objectives with the work they undertake preparing Stage Challenge and JRock, or, more recently, in preparing a Dance Showcase at the College.

Dance Showcase (5)_1.JPGThe recent College Dance Showcase brought 146 Dancers to the stage in a selection of nine original choreographies devised, prepared and presented by the students for their NCEA assessment. In addition, some of our Drama (NCEA) and Theatre Arts (IB Diploma) students were involved with the technical and production aspects of the show. Each of the nine presentations had a distinct theme with several dance styles included across the performances from hip hop to ballet. In essence, each was equivalent to a Stage Challenge performance. Some of these explored difficult, emotional issues that were communicated so skilfully through the performers that the audience was palpably drawn in. The production well demonstrated the power of Dance to tell a story. The choreographers, performers and back stage crew from Years 12 and 13 are to be congratulated for the huge amount of work undertaken to bring a show of this calibre to fruition. The audience were moved to comment that the Dance Showcase was similar to a night watching the broad range of individual school Stage Challenge productions at the Aotea Centre - except in this case, the performers in each mini-production were all our own!