Outdoor Pursuit Centre

OPC (7)_1.JPGEach October holidays, a group of Year 12 students are given the opportunity to be challenged both mentally and physically at the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuit Centre (OPC) in the Tongariro National Park. The week is full on, testing their endurance, nerves, fitness levels and leadership skills, all the while having some team building fun.Training in the outdoors seeks to prepare students for all eventualities, the most notable being unpredictable changes in weather conditions - tramps that may start in the sun but finish in appalling conditions. Or to understand and be ready to cope with an emergency situation far from help. Last year’s group, were faced with a true emergency procedure when one of their group needed medical evacuation from the mountainside - adding a real life learning experience to the many new skills they learned that week. Two of our students report on their adventure.