Camp (1)_1.JPGEarly each year, separate camp experiences are organised for all students in Years 7 and 9. As these two year levels are the main intake years for new students at the College, these experiences beyond the classroom offer the ideal opportunity for new friendships to be formed and House bonds to be created in settings that challenge students …and provide a lot of fun and laughter!

Year 9 undertake a three day camp held at Totara Springs in Matamata, with help from our Year 13 Peer Support Leaders, whilst Year 7 enjoy a five day camp experience at Hidden Valley in the Bombay Hills with support from our Prefect team.

1 (59)_1.JPGThe aim behind taking students away on a school camp is to offer them opportunities they may not otherwise have the chance to experience; to develop independence; discover self confidence; and to help them find success in the face of new challenges. These challenges are many and varied, from the obvious challenge of attempting new physical activities; to the social challenges of being away from home, sharing bunk houses or tents, mixing with other students and forming new friendships and the other challenges that some students may not have to consider in their day to day lives, such as washing their own dishes and being part of a cleaning roster that may just include learning to use a vacuum cleaner and how best to clean a loo!

No matter what the challenge, the students leave for camp full of excitement and, maybe, a little nervous anticipation, but return knowing that they have succeeded, even if not in the way they may have expected.