Sports Enhancement Programme

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The Sports Enhancement Programme is designed to identify those sports people who are talented enough and who genuinely have a desire and work ethic to pursue a career or at least the dream of reaching the top in their sport not just in New Zealand but in the World. It has been set up to add value to what is already a very busy, very successful and very comprehensive sports programme at the College.

The purpose is to individualise the needs of our students who perform at an identified level and to assist them to perform at peak level.

The programme has a number of components on which it places particular emphasis.

  1. Sport specific coaching and conditioning is a major consideration and we have sourced some of the very best coaches in a number of sports to ensure that students selected for the programme receive coaching and mentoring at the highest level.
  2. Education is an integral aspect of the Sports Enhancement Programme. The academic component is set up to reflect where the sports person is with their learning and how far they can be challenged to achieve and come out with a recognised qualification.
  3. Pathways for our identified sports people are a major part of the programme. Every athlete is interviewed with their parents and options are discussed. Whether it be through a university or academy or professional contract, we want to do all we can to assist the athletes to present themselves in the best way possible.
  4. Other areas the identified sports people are encouraged to develop are: public speaking, handling the media, mental strength, nutrition and discipline.

The Sports Enhancement Programme is headed by Peter Langsford who was a professional Tennis player for 5 years on the Tour. After finishing his playing career he coached professionally in Germany for 10 years. Peter is well versed on what it takes for a young sportsperson to make it to the top in any sport. He has also attracted highly qualified coaches to the College in Rugby, Rowing, Netball, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Basketball, Cycling and Triathlon.

Elite sports (2)_1.JPGThese coaches are contracted to the College and deliver a high level of expert coaching. In some cases, students come out of class but in most cases, training is done before and after school. It is the intention of the Sports Enhancement Programme to individualise the needs of each sports person in consultation with their parents so that they can pursue their dreams and reach their potential.

Currently, as a direct result of the Sports Enhancement Programme, we have students playing professional Rugby, Rugby League, Golf, Tennis, and Cricket. We also have students studying on scholarships for Rugby, Football, Basketball, Tennis and Golf.