Habitat Fiji

Habitat for Humanity - Fiji

Each year, a team of our College students travel to Fiji to work under the guidance of Habitat for Humanity; an international, non-profit organisation that works to eliminate housing poverty and homelessness around the world by gathering groups of volunteers to build basic houses as homes for needy families.

On their return our students often  reflect on how easy it is to take our own living conditions for granted — things like having our own bedroom; access to utilities such as washing machines, dryers and fridges; the ability to heat or cool our living environment; store our food in hygienic conditions and have a source of clean drinking water. For the families that Habitat for Humanity seeks to help, many of these things that we just expect as part of our daily life are little more than a seemingly unobtainable dream; a dream that volunteers working for a cause can help fulfil.

Last year our students returned saying, ‘We had no idea how much seven days could change our lives.