A development strategy for the school was initiated in 2006 with the launch of the Vision 5 Master Plan for Campus Redevelopment. Project One, The Jubilee Sports Centre, was opened during the School’s 50th Jubilee in 2009, completing the first stage of this ambitious five-phase master plan. Saint Kentigern Boys’ School has a long history of philanthropy. Our School exists today due to the generosity of its founders, who had the vision, passion and energy to establish and build this magnificent boys’ school. 

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The need for a long term funding plan to support the school’s on-going development has led to the establishment of the Roselle Foundation led by the Guardians with the goal to provide the structure for long term financial independence at the School

"The Roselle Foundation is a fund that is focused on securing our future, our heritage, the vision of our founders and our on-going independence." - Peter Cassie, Principal Saint Kentigern Boys’ School

Supporting the Roselle Foundation

We encourage all of the Saint Kentigern Boys’ School community to assist the School by supporting the Roselle Foundation through one of the following funds:

  • Roselle Fund
  • Roselle Capital Fund
  • Roselle Scholarships Fund
  • Roselle Staff Development Fund

Donations directed into all of the Roselle Foundation Funds are tax deductible.

Roselle Fund
The objective of the Roselle Fund is to provide long term support to Saint Kentigern Boys’ School. The Fund is focused on harnessing the generosity of our Saint Kentigern Boys’ School community, allowing the Guardians to channel this resource into the areas of greatest need in the School. Funds within the Roselle Fund may be applied to any School purposes as recommended by the Guardians and approved by the Trust Board.

Roselle Capital Fund
The Saint Kentigern Boys’ School campus has advanced significantly over the past 50 years, with a mix of beautiful heritage buildings and contemporary structures designed to keep us at the forefront of primary education. Whilst these buildings do not define the School as the community does, they certainly contribute to the experiences that are found at Saint Kentigern Boys’ School.

Vision 5 The Master Plan for Campus Redevelopment was launched in 2006. The first milestone in this venture was realised with the opening of the Jubilee Sports Centre in 2009 and the Saint Kentigern Trust Board remains committed to this vision.

The Roselle Capital Fund will support Vision 5 and other capital projects for Saint Kentigern Boys’ School.

Roselle Scholarships Fund
This Fund has been established to enrich the lives of boys and will offer inspirational education to talented children, irrespective of background or means. It is consistent with Saint Kentigern Boys’ School’s values that our community should be broad, talented and inclusive. The Fund will allow promising boys, who meet specific scholarship criteria to benefit from all that Saint Kentigern Boys’ School can offer.

The intention is to create a reliable and enduring income stream for the purposes of supporting boys entering Saint Kentigern Boys’ School at identified year levels.

Roselle Staff Development Fund
This Fund will provide development opportunities targeted at attracting and retaining the highest quality teaching staff to teach our boys. The Fund underscores the School’s commitment to ensure that inspiring teachers are the backbone of a Saint Kentigern education, maintaining the School at the pinnacle of teaching excellence.

Foundation membership levels
Contributors to the Roselle Foundation who contribute $10,000 or more will become Patrons of the Roselle Foundation.

All other contributors will become Friends of the Roselle Foundation.

Gift in kind
You may wish to consider supporting the School through a gift in kind. This can comprise investments or property. To discuss this further please contact the Development Office.

For information or advice on leaving a gift to Saint Kentigern Boys’ School Roselle Foundation in your will, please contact the Development Office on 09 520 7695, or email

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