Junior School (Years 0-3) is where the school learning journey begins, with an emphasis on preparing a solid foundation in literacy and numeracy. 

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We have Learning Assistants who support all the students in Year 0 and Year 1, and boys who have specific learning needs in Year 2 and 3.

This ensures that the boys have a thorough grounding in the core curriculum subjects and that they are confident and happy in their work as they progress through the school.

In addition to the core curriculum subjects taught by classroom teachers, specialist teachers are also involved in the Junior School teaching Christian education, physical education, music, technology, art and French (from Year 2).

In Years 0-3, our boys are taught in their own purpose-built Junior School with a mix of bright and cheery individual classrooms and shared open spaces that allow for flexibility and creativity in teaching and learning styles.

Our enviable teacher/student ratios ensure that the individual learning needs of all our boys are well catered for. The Junior School provides an exciting and stimulating learning environment for our youngest students to explore, discover and learn - it is clearly a happy place to be!

There are two New Entrant classes and one Year 1 transition class in the Year 1 area. All boys entering the New Entrant, Year 0 class in Terms 2, 3 and 4, enter a transition class the following year for their first full year of schooling before progressing to Year 2.


Learning programmes to extend children with exceptional abilities are part of the differentiated curriculum within the classroom and are also supported through the Mentoring Programme.

Students who may need a little extra assistance are also catered for with a personalised programme and are supported through the Reading Recovery programme.

From the start, our Junior boys are guided to ask questions, make decisions, solve problems, become self-sufficient and work independently.

A high level of motivation and a warm and nurturing environment prepares the way for our youngest students to become confident life-long learners.

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