Our Community

The involvement of our parents and families in many of the aspects of school life is a vital part of the Saint Kentigern experience. The Saint Kentigern Community comprises not only the students, staff and parents of the Boys’ School, but also those of the College, Girls’ School and Preschool, along with the Old Collegians, comprising former students stretching back over 60 years, and members of the Trust Board, who provide governance to the all the Saint Kentigern schools.

Over the years, the College and Schools have become known for their strong family associations and sense of inclusion. Each campus recognises the incredible importance of building close relationships between students, their parents and their place of learning. When these are aligned with a common set of values, the partnership between home and school has profound possibilities for a student’s positive well being and sense of achievement.

There is a great sense of pride in being a ‘Son’ or ‘Daughter’ of Kentigern. There is equal pride amongst the staff on each campus and the Trustees who give guidance. Our parents form strong bonds though their children’s schools, either as active contributors or engaged participants and we are proud of the support they give to their child’s place of learning.

With a strong sense of belonging developed during their school years, it is inevitable that when students, staff and parents move on, there remains a strong sense of allegiance to Saint Kentigern. This can be seen in the activities of the Old Collegians and other groups of former students who remain loyal to Saint Kentigern.

The Saint Kentigern PIPER magazine features items of interest from the Preschool, Schools, College, Old Collegians, Parents and Friends and Trust Board in each issue, presented in a colourful, magazine style format three times a year. The magazine seeks to communicate the stories, achievements, plans and dreams of the Saint Kentigern community, to encourage interest and ongoing involvement, even after students have moved on from their school years.