Spiritual Values

Saint Kentigern has a long affiliation to the Presbyterian church with strong links to Scotland and in particular, Glasgow Cathedral, the resting place of our patron saint, Saint Kentigern.

A Scottish minister, Reverend Adam MacFarlan, was the first Saint Kentigern Headmaster. He was an exceptional preacher, teacher and public speaker who made a lasting impact on many hundreds of students and their families. Fides Servanda Est - ‘The faith must be kept,’ is the motto he gave to Saint Kentigern. In a world of changing values, the motto remains a constant; preserving strong Christian values along with the traditions of our Scottish heritage for generations of Saint Kentigern graduates.Today our school communities reflect a variety of cultural and family backgrounds and we respect the fact that our families represent many denominations and faiths. We continue to encourage the ideal of a Christian community where our students learn and grow in an environment of inclusiveness, mutual respect and care for one another.

On each campus, our students join in worship once a week and each term our families are invited to join their children at a chapel service. This combined with the messages explored in Christian education classes and the organisation wide focus on the core values of Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Love create the foundations for our students to grow into thoughtful, well principled and caring individuals.

The Prayer of Saint Kentigern

O Lord Jesus Christ,
who didst give such grace to Thy servant Saint Kentigern,
that he readily obeyed Thy Call,
and brought light to them that sat in darkness,
and the knowledge of truth to those who were in ignorance and fear;
so inspire us also that we may follow Thee gladly,
and hating all that is cruel and evil and wrong,
may ever strive to banish these things from our land.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord,