George Wishart (1513-1546)

George Wishart was born in Kincardineshire in 1513. He became a school teacher at Montrose but was in danger of arrest for teaching the Greek New Testament. He fled to England where he became a Fellow of the Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

Wishart.jpgHe returned to Scotland in 1543 and boldly proclaimed the doctrines of Martin Luther, denouncing the ways of the Roman Catholic Church with his forthright Biblical teaching. He possessed the gift of prophecy to an extraordinary degree, and was at the same time humble, modest, charitable and patient.

With his life increasingly in danger he was not allowed to preach in the Churches, and became a ‘field preacher’ protected by a band of old friends, chief of whom was John Knox. He became the number one target of Cardinal Beaton of St Andrews and after several escapades where his prophetic abilities kept him safe, he was eventually arrested in 1546 and condemned to be burned as a heretic. He suffered a gruesome death by burning, with bags of gunpowder fastened to him and when that failed, hanging, saying as he went to the scaffold; ‘I suffer this day for the true gospel which was given me by the grace of God. I suffer with a glad heart’.