Patrick Hamilton (1503-1528)

Related to King James V of Scotland, Patrick Hamilton was born near Glasgow, Scotland in 1503.

Hamilton.jpgHe attended the Universities of Paris, Wittenberg and Marburg (in Germany) where he came under the influence of Martin Luther and Philipp Melancthon. He became zealous in the profession of the true faith and from the age of 23 began sowing the seed of God’s word and exposing the corruptions of the Roman Church.

His reputation as a scholar and his courteous manner helped him considerably in his good work but lecturing at the University of Aberdeen and preaching Lutheran doctrine at the University of St Andrews (the rendezvous of Roman clergy) caused the resentment and hatred of church authorities. He was arrested and burned at the stake at St Salvator’s College, St Andrews on 29 February 1528. As he came to the place of his martyrdom, he took off his clothes and gave them to a servant saying ‘This stuff will not help me in the fire, yet will do thee some good. I have no more to leave thee but the example of my death - which I pray thee, keep in mind for although the same be bitter and painful in man’s judgement, yet it is the entrance to everlasting life, which none can inherit, who deny Christ before this wicked generation’.